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DCS – Distributed Control System

The company Proton EL d.o.o. provides devises for its clients DCS (Distributed Control Systems) not only for new but also existing systems. We provide services in devising DCSs from simple ones up the most complex automated systems for managing large process lines (packaging, metal, paper, petroleum…).

The concept behind DCS increases reliability and reduces installation costs through localisation of control functions in the vicinity of process facilities, and also enables remote monitoring and supervision of processes. Today, the functionality provided by SCADA and DCS is very similar, but DCS is often used in large process facilities in which great reliability and safety is important (redundancy).

In industrial surroundings, DCSs are located on networks with other devices. They communicate with HMI (touch panels for control), SCADAs (advanced control system), frequency converters, instruments, sensors…

DCSs are designed in cooperation with our clients, where the program and interfaces are customised to their requirements. Our professional team can assist you in achieving improvements to production efficiencies, and a good quality system to increase profitability of your systems and facilities.

Knowledge base

Our engineers have experience in the following PLC systems:

  • ABB 800xA, AC 800M, AC 450, DCS 400
  • Siemens PCS 7, S7-400
  • Siemens SCADA WinCC
  • Wonderware System Platform

We have gained experience in the following production facilities:

  • Steel foundries
  • Paper factories
  • Wood industry
  • Food industry
  • Wastewater and pipelines
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Cement and limestone production facilities

Examples of DCS systems