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Robotics » Development and Installation of Robotic Systems

The company Proton EL d.o.o. offers its clients services involving the development and installation of robotic systems, in existing or new production lines. In cooperation with our partner mechanical engineering companies, you can provide you with a complete robotic palletisation / depalletization system, or any other type of robotic handling.

Robotics has become part of modern industrial production. The integration of robots in facilities has brought about technological advancement and increased productivity in all areas of industry.

  • Monotonous jobs (arranging products in boxes, relocating materials from one conveyor belt to another…)
  • Dangerous jobs (welding, areas with a lot of moveable parts…)
  • Rapid jobs (relocating objects in a very short space of time…)
  • Palletisation / depalletization
  • Jobs that required exceptional precision
  • Lifting and handling large loads
  • Holding and handling working items during processing period
  • Filling and emptying of machines (presses, processing…)
  • Pick & place applications aided by industrial cameras

Robots can work 7 days a week ,365 days a year, with minimal maintenance. The average return on investment for a robot is most often less than one year.

People and robots can work together without the danger of the robot injuring a person. Such robots are called collaborative robots, and are suitable for applications where it works with a person without a protective barrier. Due to increased protective measures, the speed of these robots is less than those of ordinary robots. Some of the applications for collaborative robots working with a person are:

  • Arranging small mechanical parts
  • Production of precise laboratory equipment
  • Automatic tightening of bolts
  • Systems where loads are not greater than 10 kilograms
Knowledge base

Our engineers have experience in the following robotic systems:

  • ABB (System Integrator)
  • Yaskawa (System Integrator)
  • Kuka (Local partner for integration)
  • Kawasaki (Local partner for integration)

We have gained experience in the following production facilities:

  • Food industry
  • Wood industry
  • Auto industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Machine construction (CNC systems)

Example of robotics system