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Lokacija PROEL

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Lokacija PROEL

Telemetry systems

The company Proton EL d.o.o. as the distributer of leading global brands for telemetry and VPN from the Belgian company eWON, offers its customers services involving devising and parametrising of VPN infrastructure.

The method of ensuring transmission of telemetry data is the basis of any project, and each remotely monitored station for all infrastructure projects that we have undertaken. The systems for remote monitoring and control based on the methods of ensuring the transmission of telemetry data, have greatly moved the limits of the meaning of remove monitoring.

The company Proton EL d.o.o. uses remote access systems in all its projects, and has thus acquired great experience in devising such systems, whether we have only provided the specifications for remote monitoring systems or train you in operating and the equipment which we distribute for eWON – a global lead, or from the company Seneca, a less known and significantly less expensive brand.

Our company holds periodic courses for its customers in using and configuring remote monitoring systems.

Knowledge base

Our engineers have experience in:

  • SCADA (Progea, Wonderware, WinCC)
  • PLC (ABB and Siemens)
  • VPN eWON
  • VPN Seneca

We have gained experience in the following production facilities and industrial areas:

  • Food industry
  • Wood industry
  • Wastewater and pipelines
  • Metal industry
  • Paper industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Machine construction
  • Robotics

Example of telemtry systems and VPN