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Lokacija PROEL

Vision Systems » Machine vision

The company Proton EL d.o.o., as a distributer of leading world brands of industrial cameras (from the German company IFM and Italian company Datalogic) offers its clients the production of systems for quality control purposes and advancement of production processes.

Our product is suitable for all types of industries, and some of the possible applications are: verifying how much a crate is filled with bottles, verifying the presence of caps on bottles or jars, validating expiry dates on goods, scanning barcodes, checking serial numbers, checking colours and a lot of other information.

Vision systems have the ability to verify products a number of times a second, thereby eliminating the possibility of human error and improving quality control of the production process. The costs of maintaining this kind of system are minimal, and the return on investment is often less than a few months.

For more complex quality controls, we can provide systems with multiple cameras and feedback electronics. If you have any questions relating to our Vision system, our team of professional engineers is at your disposal.

Knowledge base

Our engineers have experience in:

  • IFM industrial cameras
  • Datalogic industrial cameras
  • Integration of cameras with ABB and Siemens PLCs

We have gained experience in the following production facilities:

  • Food industry
  • Wood industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Machine construction
  • Robotics

Example of Vision Systems