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Lokacija PROEL

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Lokacija PROEL

Industrial weighing systems

The company Proton EL d.o.o. is one of the leading companies in weighing technologies in Croatia, offering its clients systems for static and dynamic weighing. We are distributers of products from the company Laumus, which based on its quality in no way trails behind renowned global brands (such as Schenk or Mettler Toledo). The main feature of Laumas products is their ability to be customised to various types of production lines, and their affordability.

Monitoring of weighing is carried out using controllers and the best quality measuring cells, converters and sensors. Modern systems have an additional ability to perform supervision via PLCs, and acquired data can then be forwarded to a SCADA and MES system, where data is processes and analysed in greater detail.

Knowledge base

Our engineers have experience in:

  • Measuring transducers and cells (Laumas, Mettler Toledo)
  • Integration of weighing systems with PLCs from ABB, Siemens and Delta
  • Integration of weighing systems with SCADA (Progea, Wonderware, WinCC)
  • Drafting of mechanical designs for weighing systems in ACAD and SolidWorks programs.

We have gained experience in the following production facilities and industrial areas:

  • Food industry
  • Wood industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Construction industry

Example of weighing systems